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Iranian Refuges in Greece on hunger strike in Athens. Some of them have sewn their mouths shut in protest against the Islamic regime and against the refusal of the Greek government to give them political asylum. October 17, 2010  Photographer: Zacharias Dimitriadis.Their statement:  "We the Iranian Refugees are staying here at the Propylaia of Panepistimio till the 1st of November demonstrating peacefully, trying to send a message to the Greek citizens and the Greek politicians. This message says that we are political refugees from Iran facing difficult conditions like stoning, torturing and even the death sentence. Applied by the Islamic regime of Iran we were forced to abandon our country. 44 days have passed. No more lies. No more false promises. Give to us political asylum now. Today we begin a hunger strike and we have sewn our lips against the apathy of the Greek politicians. We want the support of the Greek government. Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in Greece."