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Hawa Sahidi, a 20 year old albino woman lives in Mananya Mala, 5 km west of Dar El Salaam with her colored mother, Habiba Ali. Her father Beku died ten years ago. He worked as a cook in Europeans' homes. After Hawa's and her albino brother's births, Sahidis left their town, Mladizi in coast region, frightened by the uneducated locals and the stigma...Hawa's albino brother died from cancer. Hawa and her mother are supported by her two other brothers (27 and 30 years old respectively). Hawa had an operation six months ago, removing her carcinoma. She visits Ocean Road Cancer Hospital in Dar El Salaam every week for treatment. A Dutch NGO had given 400.000 Tanzanian shillings for her therapy, which is equal to three salaries (250 euros). Hawa has friends in the neighborhood where there is no stigma, but as she tells us, she prefers to spend time alone. ..Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa