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Ari Tamimu Rikele, 6 years old, welcomes us in perfect English. He likes school very much. He has one albino brother, Sarum Abdala, who is 4 years old and two coloured twin cousins, Azizi and Aziza, from their albino auntie. They left their birthplace Kilwa of coast region, 600 km south of Dar El Salaam, terrified of locals' threats. After many relocations, and always on the run due to local superstitions they arrived in Burahati, one of the poorest suburbs 12 km west of Dar El Salaam. Unknown people have searched for the Rikele family, but until now, nobody has shown them the way. Closer to the capital of Tanzania, people are a bit more educated and the crimes against albinos are virtually nonexistent. But, two more enemies exist: sun and social stigma. Only for the sun cream to protect their skin from cancer, an albino needs 780,000 Tanzanian shillings or 480 euros per year. This is an amount that albinos cannot afford. Rikele's family begs for their needs. Eggs, wild vegetables, some fruit and peas are their only food. Unfortunately, sun cream does not exist for them...Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa